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Mexican American Studies Grade Sheet Chart

by Tony Diaz on 12/04/14

Mexican American Studies Grade Sheet Chart

4 steps:

  • Read Mexican American Literature.

  • Write about the literary techniques of the work we read.

  • Get a better understanding of the purpose of the literature and where the writers were/are coming from.

  • Write about what you read and discuss how it is linked to the work you have done for LASO.




Journal (20 pages)                                                               200 pts

How many pages:            x 5 =                                                                     _________


Lead a community project:                                                  200 pts           _________


List the project: Ex: Lead Coordinator for the LASO Immigratin Panel.

Date: September 22.

What I learned:


Assist with a community project:                                       100                 ________

List the project:  Ex: Dia de La Familia. Who lead the project:

How did you assist: Spoke during panel on student persepectie.

Date: October 21\]

What I learned:


Analysis of leadership (nonfiction 2 pages):                     100 pts.          _________



Personal Narrative   “Where I’m From”                                  100 pts.     _________



Open Genre: Choose one of the following:                        100 pts.          _________

Write one of the following:


Poem, short story, Letter to the Editor,  Twitter-essay, or research paper. Link one of the written works from the course to the nonfiction components.



Final Examination (In-class)                                                            200 pts. :

Choose one: List which you pic:     


Write a formal research paper; make a formal presentation of your findings in class, create a “book” of your life story and share an excerpt in class.                                                           


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