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Essay Tool Kit:

by Tony Diaz on 03/17/15

Link to course materials:

 Final Research papers are due Tuesday, March 24.

Submit your completed outlines (presentation charts), and your 3 - 5 page research paper with 3 - 5 sources.


Audience Exercise: Tailor you evidence to your intended audience.

Generational Snapchat (The original title was "Generational Snapshot")
Traditionalists 1925-1945 Approx 55 mm age today 90 - 70
Baby Boomers 1946-1964 Approx 73 mm 69 - 51
Generation X 1965-1980 Approx 46 mm 50 - 35
Millennials 1981-1995 Approx 80 mm 34 – 20
(Generation Y) 1996 – 19 and up . . . They need a cool name. The Real Millennials.
Tailor your evidence for each audience. Pick two different generations. Choose one of the following words: Career, family, love, American
Define the word using the logos of one generation, then another. Make sure your word are focused on the views of each generation. Your examples should differ.
Define one of the words using the pathos of one generation, than another.



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